Knowledge, Wisdom, and Essential Oils

Knowledge, Wisdom, and Essential Oils

Knowledge is what you already know.

Wisdom is the open mind to what you don’t already know.

Jody Goode 2017

 I think this sums up all my reading on the subject of knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is the culmination of all we have learned. It is something we enjoy sharing to enlighten others and give them information they did not already have. Knowledge can be a source of pride and prejudice if the learned is not careful. We should all be humbled by the fact that none of us can claim to be the purveyor of all knowledge. We only know what we have learned and no one can claim knowledge beyond that.

Knowledge represents our past and present.

 Wisdom gathers that knowledge and determines our future.

 If we are wise, we will always have an open mind, ready and eager to learn. The wise person listens and learns at every opportunity, sifting through the constant influx of information for truth and facts, discarding all that is found to be false and foolhardy. This is why those who are elderly are considered wise. The person who lacks wisdom discards facts and reality and chooses to follow what they wish was true, never learning from the past, and therefore rarely reaches old age.  It is certain; however, that even the fool will eventually become wise if he survives his own folly.

 So let us live with the understanding that knowledge and wisdom are like the two sides of a coin that we all must carry with us at all times. On one side, we know what we know, and on the other we use that knowledge and seek to know more. The truly wise have the innate ability to constantly spin that coin in an eternal vacuum that defies gravity. This person is not pulled around by others who seem to possess knowledge but who lack wisdom. The truly wise is not always lock-step with the crowd, although the crowd may not know it. The wise person is able to run with the pack, but understands that the pack mentality ends at the cliff. There are real and present dangers out there and to ignore all that we should have learned from our experiences with those dangers in order to fit in with any ideology is to be at the front of that pack, leading others off that cliff.

Be wise with your knowledge.

 Believing and knowing are two very different things. On December 7th, 1941, the American Pacific Fleet believed they were safely moored at Pearl Harbor. What they came to know was that the reality was very different. Wisdom has since dictated that America avoid having that many ships at any one place at any one time. If the American military lacked the wisdom to learn from that situation, chances are it would have been repeated. We all know that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. It is important to know when to change course and adopt a different strategy to achieve the desired result.

What is your desired result?

  Your desired result is the total of who you want to be, where you want to be, and what you want to do. The questions to ask yourself in order to achieve these results are how to do it and when am I going to start. This is the who, what, where, when and how of success. Your why is more personal. Your why is your reason for desiring a certain result. This is where we need to apply knowledge and wisdom. If our why is completely selfish and we achieve the desired result, will that result leave us wishing for more? If our why is absolutely for philanthropy, will we be able to help others indefinitely?

Our why.

 It is very important to have a why. Our personal why is to help others. Your why is your ultimate goal, your ultimate desired result. Until I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, my why was very short of vision. It was basically the knowledge that I needed to have a successful day today so I don’t go hungry tomorrow. I was completely unable to see a path to helping anyone other than myself and my family, because the path had not been laid out. My wife Lucinda and I tried with all diligence to succeed beyond our own basic needs, but entrepreneurship is a very bumpy road and 99 out of 100 small businesses fail within the first year. We did everything we knew how to do, but like I said, no one is the purveyor of all knowledge. We paid our bills and raised our children to adulthood, but were never so comfortable that we could do much beyond that.

 Now that we have discovered the direct marketing path through doTERRA, our vision has expanded greatly. Understand that we have always had the wisdom be open to learning what we didn’t know, and to avoid repeating the things that failed to produce a greater result. This life formula has served us very well, we only wish we had found the path earlier. Now that we have, we feel unstoppable. I read a quote today that says “The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size” (Albert Einstein) and that pretty much sums it all up.

Now we are able to expand our vision beyond our own walls. This is the plan and how it works.

 To start, in the business of direct marketing, it is impossible to prosper without helping others prosper. Our success literally depends on our ability to help others succeed. Even if we were not able to earn six or seven figures, the ability to help someone else do so is incredibly rewarding. This is the opposite of brick and mortar success where you must first achieve incredible success for yourself before you can help someone else. This business model positions us to teach others to succeed on their own so we succeed in helping others, and as a result, we also succeed (in that order). It is impossible for the selfish to succeed in direct marketing. We get to achieve our why every day.

 Soon, we plan to expand our philanthropic efforts by helping single parents defeat the cycle of failure that so often plagues them. Our plan is huge and very involved so I won’t go into the details but suffice it to say that our vision has expanded far beyond anything we could have imagined four short years ago.

Onward and upward, increasing in knowledge, and applying it wisely.

Thank you for following.

Health is Wealth

Jody Goode 

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