Are you ready to start your very own home based business?

Essential Oils Guru is always seeking individuals worldwide and from all walks of life to join our doTERRA essential oils partnership of entrepreneurs. Your success is our success. Your home based business is directly connected to our home based business. 

We offer training, quick start bonuses, coaching, and the most comprehensive pay and rewards program in network marketing. Income potential is almost limitless depending on your personal drive and determination, and your opportunity for success is strengthened by the knowledge and experience of Essential Oils Guru. Whether you are a college graduate or lacking in education, a bodybuilder or a person with mobility issues, your potential to succeed is the same. Your story is unique and everyone wants to hear it, this is the key that will unlock your success. Our partners include people like you who are lawyers, doctors, mechanics, secretaries, executives, carpenters, electricians, parents and grandparents ranging in age from 18 to 90+.

Your business is a home or nomad based, network building, multi-level marketing enterprise which offers financial freedom to you and the knowledge that you are helping others meet and beat their physical and emotional challenges.

For an initial membership of only $35.00, you get wholesale pricing on all of our products, there is no obligation to sell. Subsequent years are $25.00 and come with a free bottle of Peppermint ($20.50 value). We also offer a selection of Enrollment Kits which not only save you money on products and are the best way to get started using pure essential oils for healthy living, but also waive the enrollment fee altogether. 

In comparison, a brick and mortar business startup can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and is unlikely to become profitable for three to five years. The owner is bound to that business for ten to sixteen hours a day and is responsible for payroll, taxes, and employee issues.                                                                      Hourly wage jobs require 40 hours a week for 40 years and no certainty of retirement, or guarantee of stability.
Becoming a partner with us gives you back your life if you are driven and determined to succeed. Just as in any business venture, there can be no absolute guarantee, but make no mistake if you are committed to success, the dividends can be huge. A home based business in network marketing is the future of how products are connected with consumers. Have you ever made a purchase online? The majority of people do so on a regular basis. This is the connection, this is why network marketing, aka multi level marketing is the absolute wave of the future. What we offer is your opportunity to get your slice of the internet pie. Network marketing has been around since the 1940's and has finally come of age with the internet. The key to success in network marketing is to find a product that everyone wants, but many don't realize it yet. A product that you are sold on, so it is natural for you to talk about it and want others to try. Most importantly, a product that; once a person tries it, they continue to reorder month after month. Network Marketing conventional wisdom shows that a person can have great success with a
 10% customer retention rate.  doTERRA's retention rate is 68%. No other company compares. Then it is important to find the best compensation plan. doTERRA has it. With quick start bonuses, an easy rewards program, and percentage payout that increases as you grow in levels rather than the other way around, doTERRA encourages you and your partners to press on and earn twice what you can at any other network marketing company.

Become A Wellness Advocate

We at Essential Oils Guru want you to succeed, but we never pressure anyone to take steps that they are not ready for. We believe that if you are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck and always wishing it was Friday, then dreading Monday, you are not living the life that you truly desire and therein lies your motivation to make a change. We know all of this from 20 years of experience as promotional marketers, restaurateurs, graphic artists and garment printers, all great experiences, but very difficult and unreliable for profit. Network marketing is simply better, and with determination, much more profitable. We will not tell you that it's easy, it is work. We will not tell you that you will be the next .com millionaire, but you could be. We will say that doTERRA Essential Oils are the best, most unique products on the market and at the very least, you personally will live healthier and happier for trying them.
Partner with us today and let us help you build your network marketing business with doTERRA.

Health is Wealth.

Jody & Cindy